Pon Asia

Pon Asia is one of the nine business groups within the Pon Group, consisting of three platforms: Technical Services, Flow Control Asia and Flow Control Pacific. Organisations and industries from each respective platform work hand in hand to ensure that your operations run smoothly from ship to onshore.

Under Technical Services, we not only repair existing OEM equipment but also organise and launch research and development projects to commission bespoke engineering packages for heavy industries. Additionally, our two Flow Control branches, provide on-site solutions specialising in the management, maintenance, servicing and diagnostics of heavy equipment and instruments across various industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power Generation and Marine industries.

Our tagline, “We Keep Your Plants and Vessels Running™” focuses on providing excellent service to our core customers, and guides our strategic growth in the region. As one of the leading engineering companies in the world, we strive to continue growing our businesses in Asia organically, geographically as well as through acquisitions to ensure that all your heavy-duty needs are met.

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