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Our Integrated control section is one of the largest genuine governor spare parts stockist and service centre, providing a complete range of round the clock support services, including modern maintenance solutions, replacements, exchange programmes, and quick turn-around deliveries for all makes of hydraulic and electronic governors.

At SWTS, We strive to provide cost-effective solutions to modernise and improve engine and system performances to ensure that your vessels, plants, trains and mills run at optimal capacity. Our specialised engineers are also skilled in turnkey engineering and governor control system solutions.

  • Overhaul
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Trouble-shoot
  • Calibration
  • Retrofit

Why is SWTS the preferred choice?

  • 24 hours Service
  • Genuine Spare Parts
  • Quick Response Time
  • Customized Training Program
  • Unit Exchange and Replacement Program
  • Regulators Europa and Heinzmann Electronic Governing System
  • Retrofit and Upgrade from Hydraulic and Mechanical to Micro Processor Based Control System

Project References

Notable track record, service strength & coverage

Site analysis, diagnosis and recommendation

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Protection Relay – Duel or Triple redundancy
  • Excitation System/AVR
  • Micro-grid stand-alone/standby system
  • Turbine Control System
  • Turbine Function and Monitoring system


  • Control System Modification and upgrading
  • Protection Relay Upgrading
  • Over speed Protection
  • AVR and Excitation System
  • Automation

Governor Controls

A governor / controller or speed limiter, is a device for measuring and regulating the speed of a machine, such as an engine.

One example is the centrifugal governor on a reciprocating steam engine, also known as the Watt or fly-ball governor, which uses the influence of inertial force on spinning weights powered by the output shaft of the system to control its velocity by altering the steam input flow.

Marine Governor

The most commonly used governor for main engine and generator engines is the electro-hydraulic type marine governor. This small instrument helps the engine speed and can be conveniently controlled from a remote space (bridge or engine control room).

Marine Governor Retrofits

  • Upgrading from mechanical governor to semi-electronic/full electronic governor
  • Upgrading from mechanical governor to better/modern mechanical governor
  • Upgrading of Fuel Pump Injector Tester
  • The downgrading of electronic governor to semi-electronic or mechanical governor


  • Turnkey solution for locomotive control systems (diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic)
  • Site Survey to study engine and train controls
  • Engineering to suit customer needs and onsite engine and related components
  • Commissioning and Training
  • Upgrading to a modern turbocharger
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Faster response to match incoming fuel control
  • Better control and emissions
  • Remove the need for cooling water to reduce heat
  • Upgrading to electronic governing control
  • Reduce black smoke emissions
  • Adopt simplified operation
  • Reduce manpower
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Lower long term maintenance cost

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