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Power Management Control System

Case Study 1

Power management control system, reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Application: Palm Oil Mill, Aumkar Oil Mill Sdn. Bhd. 

Main Concerns

  • The reliability of operations at Palm Oil mill & Kernel mill due to frequent outrages
  • Manual reliance on turbine operators for synchronizing and paralleling during start up of Turbine generator
  • Frequent intervention of on-site operator, and utilizing of standby Diesel generator with Turbine generator
  • Optimize 1.6MW Turbine generator operation as backpressure turbine for process demand
  • Review operation set up of Bio-gas plant with Aumkar powerhouse
  • Failure to monitor power usage and diagnose system errors


Specialized features of our service:
HZA Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T governor system installed and commissioned on 1 x 1.6MW Triveni backpressure steam turbine generator

  • Full-fledged automatic operation from start till load sharing
  • Backpressure control for 1.6MW Turbine generator with 1MW Gas generator
  • Auto start up of 450kW Cummins diesel engine when steam pressure is low
  • Integration of Bio-gas plant with Aumkar powerhouse
  • HZA Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T governor system to interact with Cummins diesel engine for auto start up, rated speed, synchronise and load share with steam turbine



  • Increase production of Bio products due to efficient usage of steam
  • Reduce operators in powerhouse
  • Reduce Diesel consumption
  • Harvest Bio gas for gas engine provides an alternative source of power generation
  • Cost savings

Authorized Distributor:

  • Regulateurs Europa and
  • Heinzmann Electronic Governing Systems.

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Solution Capabilities:

  • Retrofiring Hydraulic Governing System with more Sophisticated Digital Version
  • Retrofiring Turbine Governing System of any make with up-to-date, more versatile version
  • Modification of Diesel Engine for operating using Dual Fuel System
  • To complement our overall technical, services, we also provide servicing of all makes of fuel pump and injection equipment