Transformer Services

More than just servicing transformer, we make your transformer like new.

Nothing is impossible when it is known that SWTS, a former Westinghouse company, has been servicing power transformers for decades.

Repairing transformer requires expertise.

Proudly, we are into the fourth decade of providing on-site service with quick repair turnaround to eliminate the high logistical cost associated with working on Transformer.


On Site Services

Our on-site services comes with State-of-the-Art portable CLEAN-ROOM and equipment so that you can be assured of quality work. We provide total transformer service from an initial site inspection and information gathering to oil filtration, tap changer repair, bushing repair, coil repair and general overhaul, upgrading and rewinding.

Oil samples are drawn from the transformer and tested for di-electric strength, water, acidity and dissolved gas content. Gas analysis can provide warning of impending problems and increases the chance of finding the appropriate solution.


Nine Key Gases are Analyzed

The following nine key gases are analyzed to detect sign of corona discharge, overheating, insulation failure, arching etc.

  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Methane
  • Ethylene
  • Ethane
  • Acetylene
  • Carbon Dioxide


Repair and Testing Services:

  • Oil sampling, analysis and result interpretation
  • On-site replacement of gasket, bushing and other repair
  • On-site radiator repair and replacement
  • On-load tap changer overhaul and service
  • Complete winding and insulation testing
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing of new transformer
  • Bushing repair, overhaul and testing
  • Factory and field inspection


Our comprehensive overhaul and rewinding work scope include:

  • Un-Tanking
  • Oil Filtering
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Accessory Cleaning
  • Tank & Accessory Inspection
  • Coil Removal
  • Coil Replacement (Rewinding only)
  • Coil and Core Cleaning & Inspection
  • Re-Assembly
  • Pre-Testing
  • Re-Painting
  • Oil Filling
  • Final Inspection & Test