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SWTS has the capabilities to design, manufacture and integrate a range of sophisticated systems and equipment with its team of highly specialized engineers.

We have built a strong reputation in providing Quality, Loyalty and Responsibility with global customers from different industries included the Refinery industry, Solar industry, Marine, Oil & Gas industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Data Center and Pharmaceutical industry.

Our Expertise:

  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Vessel Management System (VMS)
  • Fire & Gas Detection System (FGS)
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Tank Gauging System (TGS)
  • Valve Remote Control
  • Ballast Control
  • Automation systems for F&B and Solar industry
  • Wafer Singulation Machine
  • Wafer Sorting Machine


Power Management System

Power Management System ensures easy and intuitive control. It is customer-specific, depending on the modes of operation, the number of diesel generator sets, switchboards, the number of circuit breakers and user requirements.

Functionalities include:

  • Automatic switchboard configuration Load-dependent start/stop
  • Diesel mode control, start/isochrones, base load, droop Power limitation
  • Generator overload protection Black-out prevention
  • (Fast) power reduction for heavy consumers Black-out recovery
  • Load-sharing
  • Symmetric
  • Asymmetric
  • Power transition control
  • Power control of all transitions of the regular distribution configurations to avoid power jumps as much as possible
  • Anticipating of the next steps in the configuration
  • Reflecting actual load consumption and the calculated, expected values.
  • Consumer control
  • Power requests for switch-on heavy consumers


Tank Level Monitoring Module

The Tank Level Monitoring Module serves to monitor the various tank levels, e.g. water tank level, fuel oil tank level, water ballast tank level, etc. Volume, tonnage and percentage can also be shown.

Tank Level Monitoring Module can use two measuring principles:

  • Pressure measurement
  • Ultrasonic level measurement

Measurements also include trim and list correction, as well as temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation.

The tank content is generally presented as a tank table, a series of measurements showing the measured liquid level in the tank, including the corresponding tank volume.


Ballast Control Functions

Ballast Control functions are dedicated applications depending on the ship’s parameters. For instance, Control provides complete monitoring and control of all tank gauging, valves, pumps and draught data.

Control includes:

  • Trim and list corrections
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Pump control
  • Registration of load and loss locations